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The Man Who Sold the World

Takin' My Rider By My Side

From The Crossroads
11 August
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Well what can I tell you about myself that you have not already found out from those who do not lie? I wear glasses. I attended high school until I was old enough to grow a beard and then went off to college where I joined a band that never played a gig. Now I find interesting ways to occupy my time making sandwiches with micracle whip, making movies, selling badgers to young people and auctioning my lungs on the black market. That's about all.
ac/dc, acting, aerosmith, al green, al pacino, armistead maupin, audrey hepburn, bb king, ben folds, big bill broonzy, billy gibbons, billy joel, blind faith, blind lemon jefferson, blues, bob dylan, bob wills, brian jones, buddy guy, charlie watts, clint eastwood, college, counting crows, cowboy mouth, cracker, cream, dan aykroyd, dashiell hammett, dave matthews band, david bowie, dean martin, denton, derek and the dominos, detective novels, elton john, elvis presley, eric clapton, eric idle, francis ford coppola, frank sinatra, george harrison, god, graham chapman, guitar, h is for hat, howlin wolf, humphrey bogart, jack nicholson, james brown, james dean, james ellroy, janis joplin, jimi hendrix, jimmy buffett, jimmy page, joe cocker, john belushi, john bonham, john cleese, john landis, john lee hooker, john lennon, john mayall's bluesbreakers, john paul jones, johnny cash, keith moon, keith richards, kris kristofferson, lauren bacall, led zeppelin, lillian hellman, louisiana, love, m*a*s*h, mabank, madhatters, marilyn monroe, marlon brando, martin scorsese, merle haggard, metallica, michael palin, mick jagger, mickey spillane, monty python, monty python's flying circus, muddy waters, music, neil innes, noir, oliver stone, otis redding, ozzy osbourne, paul mccartney, pibbly, pink floyd, plastic ono band, quantum leap, quentin tarantino, ray charles, raymond chandler, ringo starr, robert de niro, robert johnson, robert plant, robert zemeckis, robin williams, rock and roll, ronnie wood, sammy davis jr, santana, saturday night live, sex, shakespeare, sir arthur conan doyle, soul, stanley kubrick, star trek, steven spielberg, stevie ray vaughan, terry gilliam, terry jones, texas, the beatles, the blues brothers, the doors, the godfather trilogy, the police, the rat pack, the rolling stones, the rutles, the yardbirds, theatre, thomas harris, traveling wilburys, u2, waylon jennings, wilco, willie nelson, wilson pickett, wings, writing, zz top